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Furry erp chat

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Super friendly toward what you speak of.

Age: 22
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Relation Type: Anyone Looking For Company Tonight

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As a gay guy myself I just have no reason to bring my orientation into the game as it brings nothing to the table and its not what defines who I chag as a person im always just a person not like I can tmog rainbow overalls on my tauren…though if it was in game id totally tmog my tauren in a rainbow kilt lol 3 Likes.

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This photo album will be submitted to IMVU customer service for review. Super friendly toward what you speak of.

People are treated like crap no matter who ya bang in bed its the wonder of wow no one cares about youre views or opinions or lifestyle you are trolled all the same so the fun and dont worry sexy facebook chat in sweeden real life in a game so much its ment to play and have fun escaping the reality of life.

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Flag report sent! Billeh: Anyone care to explain why so many lgbt roll on RP servers?