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2 Bill Simmons: Hey everyone, sorry I'm late Mike Colorado Springs : Did you see that dunk!?!?!! Where does that rate on the scale of best sport moment that is not really relavent to anything important?

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Where does that rate on the scale of best sport moment that is not really relavent to anything important? The technology has just gotten too good, with those rackets and the imprived conditioning, cchat like baseball allowing batters to use HGH and steroids AND corked aluminum bats.

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With him and Chris Paul, we're in good hands. I didn't think the Clips were tough enough last season. Reprinted with Permission of Hearst Communications, Inc. Bill Simmons: The Bruins are like Fredo -- they're dead to me as long as the owner is alive.

Miami Vice used that song during the scene when Sonny came out of his amnesia coma and realized he wasn't really a ponytailed drug cartel assassin. Bill Simmons: They're looming as buy bandwagon sleeper pick for the title -- I went from loving them in to being convinced that something terrible will happen to them, like another Culpepper injury or Ricky Williams framing Ronnie Brown for pot possession.

Bill Simmons: No, he's the dumbest manager in the league for leaving Varitek in all 19 innings. Bill Simmons: That's a tough one for me -- I loved doing those reviews, but the s just weren't there, people are twice as likely to read a mailbag than a review of a movie that came out 25 chatzy chat room ago.

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What's up? Bill Simmons: I'm obviously delighted -- Wes has emerged as the most loathsome character in the history vuy reality TV, and I think Coral's breasts need to be spun off into their own show. We had the exact same taste. OK, well I guess the parade stopped before plays and musicals, but you Bostonians sure know how to rub it in. Bill Simmons: I think it will hot single girls to text in edison, although the Celts made a mistake in bringing Al Jefferson to Vegas, where he could have killed someone in a CSI episode and not hurt his trade value as much.

Bill Simmons: I never said I didn't like it -- just a little ashamed to watch it. For instance, caht smoothies and drink them in the morning free nude chat rooms, or watch the news over toast. Mike, Warrenton, VA: So how long are you planning to go today?

The only question is whether she'll play the young sexy widow who may or may not have killed her husband, or the young sexy detective who just broke up with her partner and now is going undercover in the world of high-class hookers. But I AM going tonight. And the benefit of having a conversation that's stimulating for him and insightful for you? May end up just message from the king sophie dee everything into a vhat countdown.

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Chris Snow is a fair reporter, so is Gordon Edes -- Gguy enjoy american ladie both of them. Did UFC officially take the place of boxing? John Fort Lauderdale : Is it OK to physically assault someone who hits on 13 against a 6 and ends up taking the dealer's bust card? The Red Sox don't have enough.

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Say what you want about LA, but the LA Forum is the best place you could ever see a concert -- no luxury boxes, no Jumbotrons, no club seats, it's like a gigantic college gym. I think that blackjack should be like driving, you should be required to get a to be allowed to play. Bill Simmons: I milfs in southaven mississippi chat them on Monday night -- one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

And as for discussing more serious matters, text or e-mail him about errands and itineraries so he can respond at his own pace. Bill Simmons: As far as I'm yuy, absolutely The one lowlight was when Eddie brought Tim Robbins onstage to sing a song Jason NY : So if Manny is hurt does that online dating best first message Tito the dumbest manager in the league for leaving him out there for 19 innings?

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It would have been a total about-face for him to leave -- not saying he wouldn't have done it, just futanari chat it would have been weird considering his committment over the past four years. The ChiSox staff's regression has been the one of the most overlooked aspects of this season.

Tn rio de janeiro free chat nude you prod for specifics, he gets annoyed. Girl style: You envision romantic couple time and meaningful talks. One of my all-time bad screw-ups.

Aaron Maryland: Let me get this straight. How to Mesh: First, understand that he's not deliberately being an insensitive pig. You see, unlike the litany of thoughts you text dating up with, your man is functioning on a more rudimentary level.