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Werewolves chat rooms

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What is Windfall?

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We have a very low tolerance for troublemakers, so just don't do it. If you have any further questions, you can try asking other users you see in the chat, or call on a member of our Administration or visit the Windfall forum. Rule 2: Never share stuff like your real name, were you live, or phone.

How do I use this thing? What is Windfall?

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We want everyone to have fun and be safe, and these rules are in place to help make that happen. It will look to them as though you have ed off the chat. Can I role-play RP here? You can "call" them from the room you're in and they'll come to assist or you free sex kwick albany new york chat go to them. We want to have a place for werewo,ves that want to role-play, but the main Windfall site isn't intended for RP.

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Your speech will appear in an on-screen text log as well as in a small speech bubble above your avatar's head. What should I do?

Note: " Problem Tickets " are available but we prefer that this is used to report technical problems when there are no Admins online. If you're helpful, friendly, and follow the rules, you're bound to be noticed by the Administration eventually. We need your help in order to find all of the bugs and problems with Windfall so that Underdog can fix them.

That over there is wefewolves picture, my nickname is SheWolf. Your avatar live chat raipur sex be any species in the wild canid family or even an "anthro" half-human or anthropomorphic animal, and it can be sleeping, sitting, walking, pouncing, and more. That over roms is my picture, my nickname is SheWolf.

We still have free s, of course. If we catch you RPing in other public rooms, you will be asked to go to the RP areas. The Admins have the ability to give official answers to questions, as well as kick and ban troublemakers from the chat - they are Windfall's police.

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If someone is bothering you, remember that you have to ask them to stop before it counts as harassment. This symbol is for Delta and ifies a regular chat member.

This is a place to hang out, have fun, meet new people, and chill with friends. How to contact an Admin: When you first hendley ne sex chat in and see the map screen, to the upper right hand corner is a list of the online Administrators. Never hesitate to ask for help if you don't feel right about a situation.

free chat in burnley Something you should know is that I, the creater of this website, am the Alpha of the pack. This is a sight were werewolves can come to there family there fellow werewolf brothers and sisters to ether chat or look for encouragement from there werewolf brothers and sisters.

The pack is in need of a second in command, if you are interested in being second in command, click on About Us at the top to see what it takes to be Beta second in command.

If you have some kind of firewall installed, most schools and some business networks have this sort of message finderthen that could be blocking Windfall. Temporary private werewolvse are available to all members, but the private room ratings range from "G" to "X" and they are controlled by the private room owner. What is this chat rated?

Werewolf chat rooms

cht We promote members and ask for nominations when we need more hands on deck, and we're the ones who decide when and who that is. In order to do your part in this pack, chat roulette free are two simple rules. Along with the rules of conduct for this site, in order to participate you must also agree wdrewolves abide by our Terms of Use. We do sometimes ask users to nominate each other, when the time comes a news announcement will be made on the home, and on the forums.

On Windfall, there is an ignore feature, and that should always be your first line of defense if someone is bothering you.

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This is a sight were werewolves can come to there family there fellow werewolf brothers and sisters to ether chat or look for encouragement from there werewolf brothers chat rooms to meet friends sisters. Please keep a copy of your scroll log to show us rooks a record of the event. If you want to hang out here for free, you still can.

What happens if I break them? This site was meant for chatting, not for role-playing.