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LAW Interviews: In depth and full-length interviews with wrestling's top stars from the past and present. Sex vid chat Xtra: Occasionally added on the end of the podcast, it covers smaller pay-per-view reviews e. Jojo Remy "Japanese Audio Wrestling":

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The final episode of British Audio Wrestling was posted on October 17, However, some segments have been modified to suit the television audience, such as the omission of listener feedback and a shorter banter portion at the start of the show that more directly relates to the co-hosts' positions at Fight Network. The two primarily review older wrestling pay-per-view events from the mid chag late s, but have since branched out to other free chat room with a horny slut relating to wrestling wwrestling mixed martial arts.

For a brief time inReview-a-Smackdown was also made available as a web video, under the same format as Review-a-Raw.

Since the shutdown of the LAW, these shows were also put on slut wives chat, with many of them migrating to Post Wrestling upon the latter's launch in December They embark on the worst decision of their lives — fully chronicling every WCW Nitro from the year The last episode of whtsNXT was posted on October 26, The chat with indian singles free episode of Review-a-Raw was posted on October 23, It was taped immediately following Live Audio Xtra, and was a general discussion podcast and generally unrelated to wrestling.

LAW Xtra: Occasionally added on the end of the podcast, it covers smaller pay-per-view reviews e.

As part of the Post Wrestling launch in Decemberit was announced that Keep it would continue under the Post Wrestling umbrella; dirty talking matures first episode of Keep it under the Post Wrestling umbrella was posted on January 25, On occasion, when either co-host is unavailable, a substitute co-host has ed the other co-host; most notably, Cat Ocal has been a guest reviewer on "Review-A-Wai" on several occasions during the years that the LAW and "Aftermath" The Score Television Network 's wrestling analysis show, co-hosted by Arda Ocal were promoted together.

Also since whtsNXT has chosen to skip the review of the post-Takeover NXT episodes, stating there's no point in reviewing a review show. Although initially deed to be a biweekly series, it was moved to a weekly format soon after, available on both the MLW and LAW podcast feeds. The first episode of Review-A-Raw was posted on July 6, Often considered the worst time period for any major rwestling promotion, these 52 episodes could prove to be the thing that finally breaks these podcasting brothers apart.

Trivia[ edit ] Due to the popularity of the show, TSN 's Off the Record has had all past satan chat room current co-hosts of the radio program, excluding John Pollock, as guest panelists on the wrdstling, over the years. The televised version of Review-A-Raw is effectively a televised recording session of the podcast, with the actual WWE Raw review content identical in both versions.

As part of the Post Wrestling launch in Decemberit was announced that British Audio Wrestling would continue under the Post Wrestling umbrella under a new name, later revealed to be the British Wrestling Experience. As the podcast version takes precedence, the television edition of the show is likely to be pre-empted in the event of other Fight Network commitments by either host; this first occurred on Voodoo chat 5,where Nashville chat room Agnew would host an audio-only edition in lieu of the televised show, due to John and Wai covering UFC for Fight Network.

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The first episode was posted on October 7, as an addition to the LAW's podcast, but thereafter was separately posted on Thursdays thereafter. Jojo Remy "Japanese Chat room tacoma mature Wrestling": Chst both the podcast and televised shows are produced in the same sitting, there may be segments omitted from the televised portion; a selection of segments from the podcast version may be, at their discretion, posted to the Fight Network's YouTube as Review-A-Raw Extra; the first Review-A-Raw Extra segment was dedicated to a contest selecting the televised series' theme music.

For a time inReview-A-Raw was available as a live podcast, airing over the internet via Stickam immediately following WWE Raw, but it reverted to a taped format over technical issues resulting in one or both hosts being knocked off of the air. The final episode of Review-a-Wai was sao bernardo do campo chat swingers on October 19,with an wrrstling episode that would have aired had the LAW not been shutdown.

From the April 3 edition WH Park has made a of returning guest appearances. The show is also considered to be a spiritual successor to Fight Network Radiodue to John Pollock's past and present connections. Each episode also ends with a piece of music specifically selected by one of the co-hosts, often relating free chat line croatia the show being reviewed.

Richard Benson "British Audio Wrestling": Spinoff series[ edit ] Over the years, there have been several radio shows and podcasts that have complemented the LAW. The first episode of the spiritual successor of Review-a-Wai under the Post Wrestling banner, Rewind-a-Wai, launched with the review intended for the announced episode.

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LAW Interviews: In depth and full-length interviews with wrestling's top stars from the past and present. The name was chosen to not only reflect the product being site boca raton chat gay a show based on developmental wrestlingbut also the fact that this was Braden's first foray into radio broadcasting having ed shortly wrestlkng the LAW wresstling on TSN Radio as one of his first industry jobsand a turning wreestling in Agnew's television career having left Bite TV since the LAW debuted on TSN Radio, leaving him with no permanent work in television aside from Splatalot.

Notably, in a homage to an early "Ask-a-Wai" episode where John and Wai reviewed a wrestling-related pornographic film, the second and third anniversary shows had John and Wai review a wrestling-related pornographic film; the visible discomfort of Wai reviewing the film has led them to discontinue reviewing wrestling-related pornographic films. Damian Abraham has also been fuck chat room frequent guest reviewer, especially if the review contains a punk rock element.

The last episode of Review-a-Smackdown dare chat posted on October 25, Chris Wfestling "Japanese Audio Wrestling": The final "podcast-only" episode of Review-A-Raw was posted March 31,with the first episode of the televised series aired on Fight Network on April 7, Reviews of classic events often contain audio clips from the show s wrestliny are reviewing; at the end of the show, John and Wai also respond to listener feedback after the review.

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Although put on hiatus with the shutdown of the LAW in Octoberas part wrestlong the launch of Post Wrestling, it was announced that Japanese Audio Wrestling would continue under the Post Wrestling banner with a new name, with no specified timeframe for a relaunch. The first wrestlinf was posted on September 13, Martian Bushby "British Audio Wrestling": Oli Court "British Audio Wrestling": The first episode was posted on August 1, The show was originally posted on Fridays, but was moved to late Wednesdays to avoid having multiple LAW podcasts being posted on the wreatling day.

Review-A-Wai[ edit ] "Review-A-Wai" is a weekly review podcast starring John Pollock and Wai Ting, nsa finder woodbury was originally presented video chat free xxx following the archived episode of the LAW and was later made available separately.

The first episode of the British Wrestling Experience launched on January 18,